Wondering what to expect on your photography session with me?!

Hi babes! In this post, I will walk you through a few things to expect on your session with me. I've had so many of my clients ask how things will go, especially the ones that have never had a full photoshoot before, or mention they were nervous for it. Hopefully this will answer some of your questions and give you a good idea of what a session with me would be like and that there is nothing to be nervous for- I will be right there directing you and making sure you two look GOOOOD. So... here we go!!

  1. We will take a normal photo of you + your boo first. I call it the "Instagram photo pose". I'll ask you two to pose how you normally do as if you're snapping a quick photo for instagram- like your go-to couples pose. Nine times out of 10, it will be a nice normal photo of you standing side by side, an arm on his chest, and both of you looking at the camera.
  2. I'll probably be like "YAAAS" or "OH MY GOODNESS YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE" the whole time I'm behind the camera. Haha I will literally be your biggest hype woman/ encourager. And, I will take like a million photos of you two because you two are just so cute (which is why I'm almost always over on my delivery... and why all the numbers have "75-100+" next to them...)
  3. I will ask you to do weird things BUT I promise it will look good on camera. I’ll probably ask you to to play tag or kiss with your teeth (two of my favorite go-to prompts- see the photos at the bottom to see the proof), or have your man whisper his favorite Mexican. or breakfast foods in your ear in his sexiest voice. These prompts will help you feel relaxed and natural, which will translate over to your photos. The more you get into the prompts (even the ones that sound weird), the more raw and genuine your photos will be.
  4. We’ll chat. A lot. Sometimes I forget I’m holding a camera. I LOVE getting to know all you babes and hearing about your stories about how you met or how he popped the question or totally random things!
  5.  I’ll probably tell you a few dad jokes to make you laugh (and I will 100% probably laugh too just because it’s me + I laugh at like everything lol). I love capturing the light-hearted, full of laughter photos because they are so full of emotion and joy.
  6. You’ll most likely see me trip or fall on my butt. 90% of the time I’ll be wearing sandals to your session. I practically live in them. Even when it’s freezing outside (my mom still texts me to remind me to wear boots on really cold days). So especially if your location is kinda rocky and involves a mountain, you miiiight see me trip or slide down the mountain... and I will totally not be mad if you laugh because I will probably be laughing too.
  7. At the very end of the session, I will always ask if you two have any other poses or ideas you want to do. This is YOUR session and though I probably went through a lot of ideas + poses throughout the session, I might not have known about that really cute photo that you saw on Instagram or Pinterest with the couple doing a cool handstand that you wanted to do. PLEASE pull it out and tell me!! I promise you, I will be so down. These photos are for you, so if there is something you feel I didn't get that you wanted, let me know because I want you to leave feeling like you got alllll the possible photos of you + your boo you could've wanted and then some.

If this all sounds good to you and you think you we would be a great fit (and want cute photos), scroll to the bottom and hit the button. We'll get in touch and make some magic!

xoxo sam