about me

hi, i'm sam

just an average girl, born and raised in the cactus state. Jesus follower, wife, dog mom, coffee enthusiast, and adventure seeker. I put honey on my pizza (it's the best on pepperoni- try it, I'm not even kidding!).

Went to school for physical therapy but didn't know you actually had to touch people for that (lol oops). sooo not my thing. So I'm capturing love stories instead and loveeee what i do.

I love capturing authentic people + moments. Life is made up of all these little moments + sometimes they get passed by- like watching the sunset, holding your boo's hand, feeling the wind in your hair, sneaking in lil kisses. SOO I'm here for you to capture those moments in your life! Let's go on an adventure and capture LIFE. If you love to have fun and don't mind feeling like a model and maybe hearing a few dad jokes along the way, we'll be a great fit!